24 Awesome Aussie Craft Beers
Countdown to Christmas with Crafty Brew

Countdown to Christmas with Crafty Brew

Wow, it's that time of year again! Our Advent Calendar was super popular last year, so we're ramping things up this year! Pre-order now to ensure you don't miss out!

The Crafty Brew 2017 Advent Calendar will keep the most discerning craft beer lover quiet this Christmas!

The Crafty Brew Team

  • 24 Awesome Aussie Craft Beers
  • Fun Great Barrier Reef themed artwork
  • Follow along online

What's in the box?

That’s a secret... well, I guess a peek won’t hurt!

Summer Ales

Christmas down under is a summery affair! So we'd better make sure there are a few drinks perfect for a 30C day!

HopDog Beerworks

It's no big secret that we love HopDog! They've been producing some amazing beer, and we love sharing it!

Six String Tropical Pale

Six String Tropical Pale is a great summer Pale Ale. Fruity and sessionable, great with a BBQ!

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2017 Advent Calendar
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What is an advent calendar?
A calendar containing small numbered flaps, one of which is opened on each day of Advent, typically to reveal a picture appropriate to the season. Source: Google
Is this a good pre-Christmas gift idea?
Only for every Australian 18 and older!
How fresh is the beer going to be?
We'll be buying fresh stock just for the Advent Calendar cases. We're running a pre-order so we can gauge how much beer we need to buy.
When will I get the beer?
`` We'll be shipping all of the pre-ordered cases out leading up to the end of November. That'll mean there will be plenty of time for it to arrive on your doorstep by the 1st of December. If you order after the pre-order period, we cannot guarantee that it will arrive before the 1st of Decmber!
What happens after the pre-order period?
We will purchase enough beer to meet the number of pre-orders we receive. We will try our best to fulfil Advent Calendar orders through to Christmas, but the beers in the pack may differ from the advertised in our Advent Calendar (it will depend entirely on availability).
What is stopping me from drinking all the beer on the first day?
The threat of a hang-over is real. You should pace yourself so you have something to look forward to other than going to the beach! If you really want another beer, just buy more!