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Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes are a great way of exploring new and interesting styles of beer that you might not have heard about. They also make terrific gifts, or a handy selection to keep in the fridge!

We’ll only pack the beers that we love to drink here at Crafty Brew and we will make sure to give you something unique in every pack. If you have any preferences, leave us a note while ordering and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

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Anglo-American Ale

Anglo-American ales encompass the vast majority of the beer styles that are readily available in Australia. Many beers within this category are fermented with clean ale yeast that helps highlight the underlying malts and hops used in the beer.

Beer brewing has a long history in all parts of the world, and each region puts their own unique twist on their interpretation of beer. Americans enjoy bold, hoppy and full flavoured beers, where the English see warm, malty beers that are very sessionable.

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Belgian Style Ale

Belgian ales deserve their own categorisation for their distinction from all other varieties of ale. Beers fermented with Belgian yeasts are held at warmer temperatures to promote the release of rich spicy and fruity flavours. This process means that Belgian ales derive a lot of flavour from the yeast itself, where the malts and hops play a supporting role.

Belgium is also world's the main source of Trappist ales; beers brewed by Trappist monks. These beers are unique and highly sought after because of their limited production and distribution.

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Lagers differ from ales in that they use a family of yeasts that ferment and condition at cold temperatures. It is believed that lager yeast strains emerged when caves were used to ferment and store beer in the early fifteenth century.

Light lagers are the most common variety and are light and mild in flavour. Other types include darker, stronger beers like Doppelbocks or even the stout-like Schwarzbier.

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Sour Beer

Sour beers are very polarising, you love them or you hate them.

Sours are primarily differentiated by the type of microbes that are used to ferment the beer. In addition to brewer’s yeast, sours can also contain lactobacillus, pediococcus and brettanomyces. The microbes create a complex tapestry of flavours and aromas, but can take several years to completely mature a beer.

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Stout and Porter

Porters originated in London in the early 1720s as a strong, full flavoured alternatives to the lighter bitters available. Over time stouts emerged as a darker, stronger variety through the use of black malts.

The lines between a porter and a stout have become quite blurry over time, and breweries often differentiate them based on colour and strength, where porters are brown to black and lighter than their heavier, black to opaque cousins.

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Wheat Beer

Wheat beers are brewed with more wheat than barley and offer a very distinct point of difference in flavour. As a light and refreshing beer wheat beers are seen as more of a spring or summer drink.

American style wheat beers are differentiated from European varieties by their hoppiness, with the latter relying on yeast or additives like orange and coriander to boost flavour.