Brewer's Box (24 Pack)

Brewer's Box (24 Pack)
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The Brewer's Box (24 Pack) changes periodically and gives you an insight into what amazing beer is being brewed in our back yard. Australian breweries are popping up all over, and we love showcasing them! Sometimes a single bottle just isn't enough to experience what a beer (or brewery, for that matter) has to offer, so we will give you a great range of fresh craft beer from a single source.

During the month of June our Brewer's Boxes will be filled with some super chill beer from Green Beacon Brewing Co. Green Beacon are located in Brisbane and produce some seriosuly innovative, flavorsome, down right quality beer.

This will make a great gift for any beer lover, or a handy pack to keep in the fridge so you always have something new to try.

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