Fixation Double IPA

Fixation Double IPA
Brewery Fixation Brewing New South Wales Australia
Profile 500ml bottle 8.20% ABV

Appearances of this deceptively big beer have been rare thus far. Being a dedicated IPA-only brewing company we have been brewing up our dipa over several hop harvests. The fix is a fruity, punchy and hop driven beast, yet SURPRISINGLY dry and light on the palate. We have discovered over the years that we love dipa's to be all about our beloved american hops, without any sweetness. this means a light malt body and an unrestrained 8.2% abv. the hop additions include simcoe, mosaic and citra by the TRUCKLOAD, providing dank'n'fruity (think pine / mango / apricot) aroma's followed by waves of pleasant, hop flavour & bitterness.


please enjoy 'the fix' 

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